F.B.I. TASBUD S.A. based in Warsaw, with a view to respecting the provisions of Article 13 of the Legislative Decree 196/03 and Article 13 of the EU Reg. 2016/679, national and FBI TASBUD S.A. procedures and mechanisms for the protection of personal data – below presents information on the collection and processing of this data by F.B.I. TASBUD S.A. based in Warsaw (hereinafter also referred to as the ”Administrator” for the purposes of this information).
From May 25, 2018, in all matters regarding personal data collected and processed by F.B.I. TASBUD S.A. you can contact us via the following e-mail address:
The following information is intended in particular for:
1) F.B.I.’s business partners TASBUD S.A. running a business on the basis of an entry in the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity currently kept on the website www. – being in particular service providers – construction works (subcontractors), transport companies, suppliers of construction materials and equipment, etc.
2) Persons purchasing premises from Investors / Developers, at the request of which F.B.I. TASBUD S.A. performs construction works, especially in the general contracting system and which people wish to make the so-called ”Changes to tenants” in the layout or equipment of the premises depending on contracts with Investors / Developers.
3) Persons with legal title to the premises / common parts of facilities built by F.B.I. TASBUD S.A., who contact F.B.I. TASBUD S.A. in connection with any defects or defects of the premises / common parts during the guarantee or warranty period provided by F.B.I. TASBUD S.A. for the Investor / Developer.
4) Community Boards, Property Managers or administrators of facilities built by F.B.I. TASBUD S.A., for which the F.B.I. TASBUD S.A. is obliged to provide services under the guarantee and warranty for the Investor / Developer.
With regard to the group of persons mentioned in points 2 – 4 above, F.B.I. TASBUD S.A. informs that providing your personal data is voluntary, however, failure to provide them will prevent the implementation of services (performance of the contract, orders) necessary to make changes to the tenant at the request of the Investor / Developer or removal of a defect or defect that appears in the building during the guarantee or warranty granted Investor / Developer.
Data on representatives of Business Partners were obtained directly from them or through publicly available sources.
Personal data will be processed by F.B.I. TASBUD S.A. in particular:
1) pursuant to art. 6 sec. 1 lit. b) and lit. c) GDPR in order to:
a) take action before concluding the contract at the request of the data subject or perform the contract to which the data subject is a party (the data necessary to conclude the contract are indicated in particular on draft contracts or forms used by FBI TASBUD SA, but also in commercial inquiries – offers),
b) fulfill the legal obligation imposed on the Administrator;
2) based on the legitimate interest of F.B.I. TASBUD S.A. [i.e. based on Article. 6 sec. 1 lit. f) GDPR] in order to:
a) do marketing of own products or services,
b) organise and conduct competitions and other marketing campaigns,
c) pursue or secure claims,
d) conduct technical quality analyzes of the services and equipment provided,
3) on the basis of a separate consent [i.e. based on Article. 6 sec. 1 lit. a) GDPR] in order to:
a) verify the customer’s payment credibility based on information from economic information bureaus or contained in the Administrator’s database,
b) provide the client with information about the proposed amendments to the Agreement, including their attachments,
c) change the name (company), address or registered office, confirming the receipt of the complaint and responding to it to the indicated e-mail address (e-mail),
c) do marketing (including direct marketing) of F.B.I.’s own products or services TASBUD S.A.,
d) do direct marketing of products or services of entities cooperating with F.B.I. TASBUD S.A., the client’s personal data will not be disclosed to third parties, and the information will be provided by F.B.I. TASBUD S.A.
The administrator will not process special categories of data referred to in art. 9 GDPR.
1) personal data processed in order to conclude or perform the contract and fulfill the Administrator’s legal obligation will be kept for the duration of the contract, and after its expiry for the period necessary to:
a) after-sales service for F.B.I. TASBUD S.A. (e.g. handling complaints about defects or faults in the constructed facilities – however for a period not shorter than the expiry date of obligations under the guarantee and warranty),
b) securing or pursuing any claims due to F.B.I. TASBUD S.A.,
c) fulfillment of the Administrator’s legal obligation (e.g. resulting from tax or accounting regulations),
wherein –
2) personal data processed for the purposes of marketing of F.B.I. TASBUD S.A. on the basis of a legitimate legal interest, will be processed until the data subject submits an objection;
3) personal data processed on the basis of a separate consent will be kept until its revocation.
1) the right to access your personal data, i.e. the right to obtain confirmation whether the Administrator processes data and information regarding such processing,
2) the right to rectify data if the data processed by the Administrator is incorrect or incomplete,
3) the right to request the Administrator to delete data,
4) the right to request the Administrator to limit data processing,
5) the right to transfer data, i.e. the right to receive personal data provided to the Administrator and to send them to another administrator,
6) the right to object to the processing of data on the basis of the Administrator’s legitimate interest or to processing for marketing (also direct),
7) the right to lodge a complaint with the Polish supervisory authority or the supervisory authority of another European Union Member State competent for the place of habitual residence or work of the data subject or the place of the alleged violation of the GDPR,
8) the right to withdraw consent at any time (without affecting the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal,
9) The rights listed in points 1) -6) and point 8) above can be exercised, inter alia, by contacting us by e-mail to the address provided at the beginning or by contacting F.B.I. TASBUD S.A. (address provided at the beginning with the annotation: ”Personal data protection”).
Categories of data recipients (entities processing personal data on behalf of FBI TASBUD SA): business partners (e.g. construction works investors, substitute investors of construction works, construction supervision inspectors, architectural companies, design studios, geologists and surveyors, subcontractors of construction works, material suppliers, equipment and services necessary in the construction process, wholesalers, etc.), entrepreneurs providing services for the protection of FBI construction sites TASBUD S.A., telecommunications companies, debt collection companies, banks, postal operators, carriers, economic information offices, companies archiving or destroying documents, partners providing technical services (e.g. developing and maintaining IT systems and websites), entities providing F.B.I. TASBUD S.A. legal or accounting services, tax advisers, statutory auditors, auditors, employment agencies.