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SHOW YOURSELF - Polish Construction Products in the International Arena

F.B.I. TASBUD S.A. currently participates in the project implemented by the Polish Advisory and Consulting Association -

SHOW YOURSELF- Polish Construction Products in the International Arena
Smart Growth Operational Programme no.02.03.03-20-0001/16

within the

Smart Growth Operational Programme Priority Axis II:

Supporting the environment and the potential of enterprises to conduct R&D&I activity

Measure 2.3: Pro-innovation services for enterprises

Sub-measure 2.3.3 Internationalisation of National Key Clusters


The main goal of the project is to increase the internationalisation of 45 enterprises (including 40 SME’s) operating under the National Key Cluster until 31.07.2018; this is to be achieved through implementation, by the Co-ordinator, on behalf of the members of the NKC, of a comprehensive internationalisation programme tailored to the needs of companies,

The specific objectives are as follows:

  • Strengthening the knowledge and potential of those companies belonging to the NKC
  • Strengthening competitiveness of the NKC offer on international markets
  • Strengthening co-operation between NKC companies by the setting up of new, joint projects
  • Development of the NKC by acquiring new companies

As part of the project, the co-ordinator for the cluster members will organise:

  • 6 business missions, including missions to Singapore, Kazakhstan, the United Arab Emirates, the USA, Russia and Norway
  • 3 conferences devoted to new markets, in accordance with the objectives of WKB's business missions
  • 3 seminars/training sessions devoted to preparing for foreign expansion those entities which participate in economic missions,
  • 20 international fairs

Locations for the expansion of cluster entities participating at trade fairs:

  1. Europe: Germany, France, Great Britain, Ukraine, Switzerland
  2. Asia: Russia, Kazakhstan
  3. Scandinavia: Norway, Sweden
  4. Arabia: United Arab Emirates
  5. Australia and Oceania: Australia

Complementary activities, related to internationalisation, will include intensive marketing activities and will consist, among other things, in issuing, jointly, a promotional NKC catalogue containing the full offer of the cluster with the material in several languages, a web campaign and business meetings.

Cluster members will receive guides on sales markets, issued successively before each trip, which will define the socio-economic conditions of a given market, the legal regulations, the taxation and Customs regulations as well as the customary ways of establishing business relations and the political conditions

Project value: 6,105,966.00 PLN

Co-financing: 4.225.460,00 PLN

F.B.I. TASBUD S.A. Balaton 20 Street, 01-981 Warsaw Reception: phone:  +48 22 834 26 47, phone/fax:  +48 22 865 53 00 e-mail: biuro@fbitasbud.pl REALISATION: ACTIVEDESIGN
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