Between 28th and 31st of May, 2015 in Darlowek, Poland, XII Science Conference “General and detail problems of environmental engineering” was performed.
Topics discussed during this conference have interdisciplinary develop subjects of constructions, environmental engineering, power sector and surveying.
On the conference our Company was represented by representatives of the Supervisory Board, the Management Board and the Council of Science.
Our specialists presented lectures, including a paper deepen a subject of a use of artificial intelligence in constructions works as well as environmental engineering. Innovative solutions presented in a said publication being a future of technological development have its use in overall in civil engineering and logistics.
The next publication presented a chromatographic analysis of a chemical compound from an effluents of municipal wastes landfills under electrooxidation. The third publication presented a main factor that influence on a concentration level of a dust in the air or Warsaw`s agglomeration.
The conference was organized under patronage of the Ministry of Environment represented by State Secretary, Deputy dr Stanislaw Gawlowski. The Chairman of the Organization Committee was prof. Tadeusz Piecuch and the Chairman of Science Committee was prof. Wieslaw Blaschke.
We believe that scientific materials prepared and presented by our representatives will receive a deep recognition of a polish and international scientists while it grant a significant award for our Company to be present on a such a prestige conference among outstanding scientists from Poland and abroad.