In the list of legislative works of the government, the assumptions of the draft amendment to the Labour Code have been published. One of the most important changes is the equating of fixed-term contracts with indefinite contracts. Under this amendment, employers would be subject to the obligation to justify and consult the termination and dismissal of a fixed-term employee. The amendment additionally introduces a claim for reinstatement for the dismissed employee in place of compensation. Employers associated in various organizations warn that such a change may be the reason for the re-departure from full-time employment and the wider use of mandate contracts, i.e. it may be a brake on changes that have been initiated in recent years.

Another equally important change is the plans to extend parental leave from 32 to 41 weeks. This change is also quite revolutionary for a Polish labor market.
The amendment to the Labour Code is the result of the implementation of EU employment solutions into our legal order.