F.B.I. TASBUD International Group, as the official sponsor of the Burmese boxing gala, was also actively involved in the charity auction for the award-winning competitor Rafał Antończak. That event took place during the Fanga Fight Club competition in Warsaw’s Wola district on December 4, this year.

Rafał Antończak is a multiple awarded Polish champion and Thai boxing world champion, who was injured in the ring during the fight, fell, and lost consciousness without contact with his rival. Rafał Since September Rafał has fought for his life, having been in a coma since September. Rafał needs expensive treatment and rehabilitation. Rafał is an extremely ambitious and talented man, he has trained since he was a child, and behind his success is a lot of work, effort to pain, and tears. Now, his most difficult fight for everything is going on – the fight for life and health.

We donated dedicated packages consisting of backpacks, power banks, flash drives, thermal coolers, calendars, and other valuable gadgets for the auction for Rafał Antończak. The auction also included 5 passes for oxygen therapy treatments at BodyOxy, and the most important – a tracksuit by the great player and coach Maciej Skupiński – Muaythai World Champion and former Muaythai Polish Team Coach. The prestigious tracksuit was auctioned by the Vice President of the F.B.I. TASBUD – Dr Eng. Andrzej M. Czapczuk, who is also a titled, long-time competitor and representative of the Polish National Team, multiple European and Polish champion in the open full contact karate (Karate Kyokushin) category, and today an international judge. The master’s tracksuit with an autograph will be displayed at the headquarters of our Group. We are very happy that the tracksuit came into our hands, because firstly we hope that we will help Rafał in the fight for his life, and secondly, we greatly appreciate the achievements of Maciej Skupiński as a titled player as well as a coach, a man with a great heart and strength.

Support for athletes and helping people in need is the part of the DNA of our Group. This year we have already organized, among others an action supporting athletes suffering from diabetes, and one of our numerous activities was the purchase of an innovative, technologically advanced insulin pump operating with the use of artificial intelligence for a representative of the Polish Judo Team, awarded with many medals during a sports career, struggling with type 1 diabetes for years – Katarzyna Wtorkowska-Łuba. We are glad that this time we were able to contribute to helping people who rendered great service to Polish sport.