This year’s edition of the 4th Intelligent Development Forum has brought our Group spectacular success. We have been awarded not only for the promotion Polish values, but also for innovative prefabricated solutions used on Polish and export’s construction market. What’s the most enjoyable, we also stood on the most important podium of this event receiving the Polish Main Intelligent Development Award!

An inspiring and elite group of winners, extremely interesting lectures and distinguished speakers – this is how we can describe two days of this event (November 28-29), which took place at the “Termy Uniejów” Aparthotel. The leitmotive of this year’s forum was “We’re playing for the future – get in the game.” As part of the event, the organizers took care of networking and exhibition areas, allowing to personally present the potential of the company. There were also nationwide media: the event coverage was broadcast even on TVN24. The inaugural main, evening gala was hosted by well-known journalist and TV presenter – Marcin Prokop.

Over 400 people confirmed participation in the event – outstanding scientists, entrepreneurs and local government officials looking for new trends and challenges not only in the latest technology or the use of artificial intelligence in various market sectors, but also in responsible management of EU funds, intellectual property protection and building business cooperation with the world scientific. In the discussions, recognized authorities in the field of science, as well as entrepreneurs and investors who can boast of achievements in implementing innovations on economic markets, not only in Poland, but also around the world, spoke, including the voice of our capital group with extensive experience.

– We are glad that we could participate in such a prestigious event, bringing together so many representatives of business, science and higher education as well as the public sector in one place. It is important to us, the more that we attach importance not only to the development of our Capital Group in terms of investment, but also take care of the scientific facilities, developing new, better solutions and innovations for the construction market. Our Scientific and Research Division is responsible for this, which has been successfully operating in the company’s structures for many years, presenting research results not only on the Polish scientific arena, but also abroad.

What makes us happy, innovative approach to the development of intelligent solutions (for instance AI in contructing sector or prefabricated technology) are appreciated not only by the  media, but also by many technical universities and other enterprises. I belive, that beeing part of the 4th Intelligent Development Forum in Uniejów we are in the right place and in right time for us – said Dr. Eng. Andrzej Czapczuk, Vice President and General Director of the International Group F.B.I  TASBUD.

On the first day of event, organizers and jury gave us an award with two category (native recognized brand and innovative technologies of the future), confirming us like a company which popularize pro-innovative way of thinking and acting of our company on construction market.

On the second day, during the Intelligent Development Leaders Gala 2019, we proudly adopted the main award in the category of innovative technologies of the future, which is a summary of our achievements in the construction industry. The jury awarded F.B.I. TASBUD, among others, for our pro-ecological factory of prefabricated elements, whose goal is to implement the results of research and development of the Scientific and Research Division, e.g. in the form of an integrated energy-saving building system made of prefabricated reinforced concrete load-bearing elements. The award was presented by the Program Director of the Innovative Development Forum – Damian Baran and the host of the evening Gala – Marcin Prokop.

Other laureates of honorary prizes that day were, among others Wisła Kraków S.A., Małgorzata Zielińska from PKP S.A., Jadwiga Emilewicz from the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology, Marek Traczyk from the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce and the Association of Polish Media, Foundation for the Development of the Education System or Adam Rozwadowski, founder of the ENEL-MED Medical Center.

The Intelligent Development Center was the main organizer and initiator of the Intelligent Development Forum, co-organizers of this year’s edition were the City and Commune of Uniejów and the T&C Eurokreator Group. Among the honorary patrons were: the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Digitization, the National Center for Research and Development and the Patent Office.

We invite you to the following photo report, as well as to see the film prepared by the organizer.