We have launched a nationwide information campaign in social media and on our website on occupational safety and employee rights.

We periodically publish a series of articles called “Thursdays Gazette”, which aims to raise the awareness of the society on the subject of safety at work.

Our mission is met with great interest, not only among our employees. The Health and Safety Department receives inquiries about how to function in the construction market during an emergency, of course, we answer all inquiries feeling satisfied that we can help.

We feel honored by observing how the effort we put into promoting widely understood security is rewarded by huge interest.

The years 2020-2021, due to the global pandemic situation, brought new, even higher occupational health and safety requirements. Our solid knowledge supported by many years of experience allows us to function efficiently in times of a pandemic. This is the best determinant that our activities are flexible and adapted to changing working conditions, due to our well-coordinated team.