F.B.I. TASBUD International Group has an experienced design office, which provides comprehensive services for the needs of completed orders, from construction projects to executive and workshop documentation. The Scientific and Research Division and the Prefabrication Division cooperate continuously, with Polish and foreign, including Scandinavian, scientific and research and development units dealing with, among others, reinforced concrete and concrete prefabrication. What should be emphasized, our Group has unique experience in the design of prefabricated reinforced concrete structures and concrete strings. As an experienced manufacturer, we use modern construction and material solutions in the design and production of modules and prefabricates, which we have used many times on the Scandinavian market, and which greatly facilitate construction works, accelerate the construction process and reduce the consumption of materials, thus caring for the environment.


Operating continuously on the construction market for four decades, the F.B.I. TASBUD has experienced employees, appropriate transport and assembly equipment. That is why our offer is comprehensive and it is possible to order prefabricated elements or modules with assembly of even the most complicated prefabricated structures in our environmentally friendly factory. Upon individual arrangements, it is possible to extend the scope of cooperation to reinforced concrete works, as well as general contracting.

Construction reinforcement

The pro-ecological factory of modules and prefabricated elements in reinforced concrete and concrete technology has an extensive, well-equipped reinforcement plant. High-class equipment for processing bars, steel in coils and reinforcement meshes, as well as professional staff, allow us to make reinforcement both for our own needs and for sale. We can deliver any prefabricated elements to the customer, e.g. reinforcement baskets ready to be placed in the formwork.