In mid-October at the special invitation of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency and the F.B.I Capital Group TASBUD, representatives of the Republic of Senegal came to Warsaw. The economic visit was aimed at developing joint business contracts and presenting the pioneering project of the “Polish Modular Hospital”.

The African market since the beginning of F.B.I. TASBUD was one of the leading directions of construction exports for our Group. It includes Libya, more precisely in Benghazi, the capital of Cyrenaica, where our company has rebuilt and expanded extensive cementing building and built many multi-family residential objects forming housing estates interesting in terms of architecture. The Capital Group F.B.I. TASBUD is intensively involved in the implementation of development plans for those regions, currently, as part of the Polish Cluster of Construction Exporters, we are working on a pioneer and interdisciplinary project called “Polish Modular Hospital”, which is an innovative alternative to traditional buildings intended for healthcare.

– The goal of the project is to create an independent and self-sufficient unit, adapted to local conditions related to the need for medical care. By its architectural form, this interdisciplinary design refers to the internationally recognized symbol of the medical cross. This construction of the building allows connecting the modules with a simple communication system centered around an open courtyard, which is an enclave of greenery. This provides easy access to departments, as well as to spaces with inter-departmental functions. From a technical and technological perspective, we use prefabricated systems developed for this project, which significantly reduces both the investment implementation time and the attractive offer price, giving the opportunity to quickly design a hospital to the individual requirements of each investor – Vice President said during the meeting and General Director of the Capital Group F.B.I. TASBUD and at the same time President of the Board of the Polish Cluster of Construction Exporters – dr inż. Andrzej Czapczuk, adding that the proposed solution is a response to the growing demand of African countries for the improvement of the medical care system.

In an economic meeting, in addition to the members of the Management Board of the F.B.I TASBUD and the Polish Cluster of Construction Exporters were attended by representatives of PAIH and the Senegalese government agency CACO – Consortium africain de conseil et d’organization responsible for the implementation of state infrastructure projects.