Project Description

We have realized next phase of rebuilding and development of an existing, three storeyed building with basement: a trade, service and office pavillion placed in the very heart of Bródno, next to bus balloon loop. The phase concerned the increase of cubic capacity (this demands numerous specialistic construction works) and raising the building’s standard as the ground floor has been built mainly with clinker brick distinguishing the pavillion even further from the rest of the surrounding buildings. The range of works carried out so far: construction works: replacing exterior walls, roof, iron and wood works, all sanitary and electrical installations, finishing works, adapting the pavillion for being used and  removing elements containing asbestos (our company, and only few others in Poland, has got licence for protection and use of dangerous substances including asbestos). Works with asbestos required extreme precision in order not to threaten the health of residents from nearby buildings. The rebuilt pavillion is characterized by a balanced, characteristic body,  with the use of modern materials: constructional, installational and finishing.  A friendly accessibility was achieved by a comfortable and transparent communication and the easiness of accession from pedestrian areas whereas the attractive interior space was achieved by specially designed communication inside the building. The characteristic architecture is both a value inviting the client and a recognizable spatial mark.