Project Description

At the contact point of the two oldest and most dynamically developing, concerning architecture and space, districts of the capital city of Warsaw – Śródmieście and Wola, we have built a new multi-storeyed luxury apartment building situated between the two existing buildings of ”Żelazna” housing estate.

There was a tenement house earlier here which had to be demolished because of the danger of collapse. At its place we have built a modern, diversed in the terms of storeys residential building of high standard. It contains spacious apartments, parking spaces located in the underground garage and an interestingly managed exterior area. The entire building was finished with high quality materials. Especially worthy of note is original anthracite elevation made of dark grey fibre cement  slabs with contrasting orange additions.

Authors of the Project:

arch. Grzegorz Stiasny, arch. Jakub Wacławek, arch. Paweł Niebudek

ARE STIASNY/WACŁAWEK sp. z o.o. and AARTO s.c.