Project Description

F.B.I. TASBUD Joint-Stock Company has been cooperating for many years with Ewa Błaszczyk’s foundation „AKOGO” and has its remarkable shares in the building of the „BUDZIK” clinic  executed in the „POMNIK ZDROWIA DZIECKA” institute in Warsaw where children in coma after brain hypoxia are looked after. The clinic is 1 500 square metres and has got 15 rooms adapted for full hospitalization and neurological rehabilitation of the children. „BUDZIK” is conected by a corridor with the Pediatric Rehabilitation ward in ”Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka”.  The whole medical and rehabilitation programme of the BUDZIK” clinic will include: pharmacotherapy, conservative therapy, nursing services, rehabilitation, physical therapy, psychological programme, diagnostics, medical advice and a psychological support programme for parents and carers of children in coma who suffer from long-lasting stress and burnout.