Project Description

F.B.I. TASBUD International Group is responsible for the building investment of the third campus of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University with the innovative and unique Multidisciplinary Research Center.

Multidisciplinary Research Center of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw will be a place for the development of research in the field of digital science. The priority tasks of the Research Center will be the creation and implementation of innovative solutions of digital technologies in the economy, as well as the implementation of state tasks at various levels related to digital transformation.

The concept of the Research Center was created on the basis of a permanent and multi-level partnership with economic entities from the digital economy sector. The Research Center will also gather development teams of associated innovative companies. The implementation of this investment is therefore in line with the strategy of our company due to the Scientific and Research & Development Divisions of the F.B.I. TASBUD, which functions within its structures.

The Multidisciplinary Research Center, as part of the Digital Science and Technology Center, will consist of a number of research centers, which, together with laboratories, are characterized by an extremely wide spectrum of activities, including in the field of energy security, data analysis and large-scale modeling, cybersecurity, 3D techniques, geospatial data processing, visual analysis and visualization modeling, virtual anatomy, medical simulation and computational modeling in digital medicine.

The entire investment consists of a complex of 2 buildings located in Dziekanów Leśny, near the Kampinos National Park:

• building ‘A – research and laboratory building with creative space,

• building ‘B’ – research and laboratory building.

Building A will consist of three storeys. On the first floor there will be: the main hall with reception and security, sanitary facilities, an RTV studio with approx. 100 places, as well as laboratories and space for conceptual work. On the second floor there will be space for conceptual work, toilets and conference rooms. On the third floor there will be an ‘open space’ for any arrangement and toilets. Building “A” will have a representative character and is situated at the front, at Maria Konopnicka Street.

Building B will be a space with a laboratory function, where research and experimental works as well as tests on various types of products and devices at the highest world research level will be carried out. This facility will be located further, in the second line of buildings, connected with building A.

The University complex will be fully adapted to the needs of people with disabilities, which is necessary for social integration and helps to remove barriers. We are glad that we can participate in the implementation of the investment that will contribute to the development of science in Poland in such a significant and diverse way.