Project Description

Construction of the third phase of the exclusive housing estate “MODERNA 3” at the request of Dom Development SA Multi-family housing with multilevel services and multi storey underground garage, development of the area of small architecture, road works, technical infrastructure at the corner of Głębocka and Malborska Streets in Warsaw

The investment is taking place in the right part of Warsaw of the dynamically developing Targówek District. Modern complex “MODERNA” is composed. Housing Estate consists 14 residential buildings, multifamily multi-storey services and undergroun.. The highest buildings will have 12 above-ground levels, the remaining buildings will be lower, thanks to this architectural project all the investment will gain a modern and aesthetic appearance.

In the third stage of the “MODERNA” housing estate there will be 163 dwellings in total, with a total usable floor area exceeding 9 779.00 m2. Parking will be adapted to accommodate 214 cars. The complex will consist of 24 retail units with a sales area of 1,989.47 m2, which will contribute positively to improving the living comfort of its residents. It is worth emphasizing that the buildings belonging to the estate belong to the group of ecological buildings (sustainable construction) as evidenced by the use of a gray water system, consisting in the use of rainwater to flush toilet bowls.

The whole residential complex is distinguished by modern architecture, functional layout of spacious apartments, glazed balconies which enhance the aesthetic qualities of buildings, giving them lightness and elegance. Residential units on the ground floor will have gardens, while apartments on the upper floors will be equipped with spacious terraces, loggias and balconies. The complex will be equipped with branded elevators, which will facilitate the movement of the elderly, the disabled as well as families with small children. In the area of the estate will be built a spacious patio, part of which has been adapted into a playground for the youngest residents.

The MODERNA 3 complex will have its own green promenade. The housing estate was conveniently located so that its residents enjoyed close proximity to schools, kindergartens, shopping centers, local restaurants and nearby recreational areas (Brodnowski Park and forest).