Project Description

Performance of this investment has its place on the right-bank of the city in the Praga-Polnoc district at Radzyminska street. Phase of said investment being currently under construction consist of 150 housing apartments and customer service with floor area  from 27 up to 90 square metres whereas all premises are equipped with parking spots in a multi-storey underground garage.

Before construction started the Company had conducted remediation of a ground by removal and utilization of a dangerous substances created by industrial activity at this site. This investment has extraordinary architecture that refers to other pre-war building close around. It is worth to underlined that final elements shall upgrade standard of a building for example by ventilated elevation, clinker elevation as well as ornamental elements build from historical bricks recovered during disassembly works.

It shall be also pointed out construction of this building require extraordinary skills as neighborhood is densely developed so it is necessary to use slit walls technique. Housing offer arising from this investment was adjusted to a needs and requirements of customers willing to live in a nice and well-preserved area. On the ground floor one will find service premises with an amazing useable space  that will significantly increase satisfaction of inhabitants. New-constructed housing estate with a modern architectural look shall be an interesting offer for all clients searching for functional and interesting areas.