Project Description

As early as next autumn, new tenants will start using the modern office and service building. Faktoria, because this is the name of the newly built, multi-storey office building in the center of Kanstancin-Jeziorna, due to the difficult foundation conditions of the building, required the use of specialized engineering technologies. Due to extensive experience as a general contractor, the Capital Group F.B.I TASBUD managed the challenge and reinforced the ground using CNC column technology.

The modern  business and services building at Aleja Wojska Polska in Konstancin-Jeziorna was located in main center of the city, next to the “Stara Papiernia” shopping center – in the park, near the pond. The name of the office building refers to the history of this place, i.e. post-factory areas, where the Paper Factory operated from 1760.

The Cube Architekci Kubicki Mizieliński Sp. j., who made sure to convey a beautiful, raw industrial style. Characteristic features are large, open spaces and loft minimalism. As the General Contractor responsible for the construction of this object, we have also focused on a high standard of finishing, using a lot of glazing and steel, thanks to which the building acquires a modern character, is well lit and has a spacious, functional arrangement of rooms.

Tenants can fully adapt their business needs to the area of ​​the offered premises. Octava Property Trust – the investor implementing the project – offers office and service premises from 35 to over 1000 sq m. On the upper floors will be located, among others reputable medical clinic operating in the city for over 20 years; on the ground floor there will be gastronomic area, with restaurants and cafes that will provide daily convenience for the users of the complex. The buildings have been equipped with lifts, thanks to which they will be fully adapted to the needs of the disabled, the elderly and families with children.