Project Description

TASBUD SVERIGE AB is a joint-stock company under Swedish law belonging to the F.B.I. TASBUD. The company has already started another construction project in the city of Gothenburg, in the Kålltorp district.

The investor of Östra Kålltorp is FRAMTIDEN BYGGUTVECKLING AB – a part of the Framtiden Group – the largest Swedish utility company responsible for the resources of the city of Gothenburg, including housing resources. This is another cooperation between the investor – Framtiden Group and TASBUD SVERIGE AB, after the successful and recently commissioned construction of the Saffransgatan estate in the Gårdsten district in Gothenburg.

The Kålltorp area is one of the most dynamically developing neighborhoods in Gothenburg. In the beautiful area around Renströmska Park, nearly 600 new apartments are currently being built for families, students, and seniors, as well as numerous facilities dedicated to the youngest, including a kindergarten and school.

TASBUD SVERIGE AB is implementing the investment in the most extensive Design & Build & Fit-Out formula, which includes the construction of 3 building complexes, which will have from 6 to 10 floors, with one underground. In the first stage, the project involves the construction of 159 apartments with areas up to 90 m2 with balconies and gardens on the ground floor. Future residents will also be able to use a common room and a sauna, which will be located in the estate.

TASBUD SVERIGE AB will use many pro-ecological solutions in the construction of Östra Kålltorp. The structure of the buildings will be made entirely of prefabricated elements, assuming the use of internal solid prefabricated walls, external double-layer prefabricated walls, prefabricated staircases, and balconies. Due to the using of prefabricated elements in numerous investments and having its pro-ecological factory of modules and prefabricates in reinforced concrete and concrete technology, the F.B.I. TASBUD International Group is a valued expert in the field of modern prefabrication, willingly chosen by investors.

Prefabricated technology has a wide range of positive impacts on the environment, like reduction of the carbon footprint and the limiting amount of waste generated during the construction process, as well as the shortening of the duration of the construction process.

In the project, TASBUD SVERIGE AB is planning to use renewable energy sources. The roof of the investment will be covered with photovoltaic panels producing clean energy, which will reduce the costs of using the buildings by future residents.