Project Description

An exclusive apartment in the highest standard with service premises and a multi-storey underground garage was built in the centre of Warsaw, at the corner of Długa and Bohaterów Getta Street.

The building consists of eight storeys, six above-ground and two underground, and it meets the highest standard requirements. Apartments in the building range from 38 m2  to 132 m2 and have numerous parking spaces in a multi-storey underground garage. Service premises are available directly from the pedestrian zone outside.

The architecture project is common with the character of whole district and close Old Town. The building completes the reconstructed development of the area bordered by Długa Streets, the former Nalewki Street (now Bohaterów Getta Street) and today’s pedestrian route parallel to Wyjazd Street. It refers to the historical principle of frontage buildings. The building has three equal front elevations from Bohaterów Getta Street, Krasiński Garden, and from the pedestrian route along the Institute of Electronics.

Due to the prestige of the location, the façade of the building is made of natural stone slabs – beige limestone and light cream stone with artistic ceramics inserts in vertical window glyphs and on the ground floor wall at the main entrance. The building has very large windows secured with a glass balustrade with a stainless steel structure, ensuring the correct aesthetics of the building and matching the prestigious area.

Project authors:

Architects: Grzegorz Stiasny, Jakub Wacławek, Paweł Niebudek