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Florian Longin Plit

That is why we focus on prefabrication, sustainable construction and the green future.

 Management Board of F.B.I. TASBUD

Prefabrication Division of F.B.I. TASBUD International Group

F.B.I. TASBUD S.A. is the parent company of the F.B.I. TASBUD International Group, which was established in 1985. The core business of the Group is General Contracting. The Group has grown successfully over the years and now offers a diverse range of construction products also as a professional manufacturer. After years of implementing structures in traditional technology (in situ) and in the prefabricated technology of reinforced concrete, steel and wooden elements, the Group has developed its own Prefabrication Division focusing on the production of reinforced concrete and concrete modules as well as prefabricated structural elements. The goal of the Prefabrication Division of the F.B.I. TASBUD is in line with the idea of ​​sustainable construction, including the reduction of CO2 in construction, providing a competitive and dynamic production service with the delivery and optional assembly of precast concrete / reinforced concrete elements for the entire construction sector, offering consistently reliable products at competitive prices with impeccable form and quality.

Taking care of the market position as well as impeccable opinion, we always emphasise abuilding lasting relationships with customers, carrying out the most demanding expectations regarding quality and promptness. We are constantly developing our team in order to monitor and improve the quality of services offered and provided. The Group’s employees are its greatest asset, which is an invaluable market advantage. Continuation of the development of the F.B.I. TASBUD and the opening of a new pro-ecological factory of modules and prefabricates in reinforced concrete and concrete technology allows us to meet all the requirements of modern construction in the 21st century. We perpetually focus on development in new areas, the production of new pro-ecological products and meeting the challenges related to new, innovative applications of prefabricated products, developed by our Scientific Research Division.

Why choose F.B.I. TASBUD as your precast concrete products manufacturer and provider?

Our team of experienced engineers and cost specialists, together with the Scientific Research Division, are active in the field of value engineering. Activities start at an early stage of the project concept, the team helps with the designing, offers advice or alternative solutions that guarantee time savings, safety and reducing costs. We always attach great importance to environmentally friendly solutions, looking for pro-ecological solutions that reduce the carbon footprint. We develop sustainable construction.

Prefabricated elements are used on a large scale in the construction sector. They have been successfully used in infrastructure and agriculture for years, while in industrial, residential and service construction, they have become a strong, solid base that guarantees faster investment completion time, lower costs, and at the same time solid quality of facilities. Below we present a few examples of just such applications of prefabricated elements on construction sites carried out by the General Contractor – the F.B.I. TASBUD International Group.

  • Construction of the dominant feature of the city of Olofström in Sweden, consisting of a complex of turnkey multi-family buildings with the necessary infrastructure, paved Surface, important facilities and outdoor area. A characteristic element of the investment is the clinker facade, while the structure is made of 100% reinforced concrete prefabricated elements. The facilities were completed in the Design & Build mode, finished in a “turnkey” standard.
  • Construction of the Saffransgatan Gårdsten residential complex in Gothenburg, Sweden, the investor of which is Framtiden Byggutveckling AB, part of the Framtiden Group – the largest Swedish utility company in Gothenburg and throughout the country. This multi-storey passive housing complex in Gothenburg is characterised by high standard with a ventilated brick facade. The facility is constructed using prefabricated technology, the building structure is 100% prefabricated.Such a solution has become a construction standard in Sweden, appreciated, among others, by due to a significant reduction in construction time and a significant impact on the reduction of CO2 emissions. The use of prefabricated elements during the construction process causes a significant increase in recycling levels and reduction of steel or concrete waste and shortens the time of the entire construction process.
  • The R4R hotel facility developed for the Echo Investment Group in Warsaw’s Mokotów district was built with the use of prefabricated elements. As the General Contractor of the investment, we used the best materials, proprietary solutions and the latest technologies, e.g. atypical prefabricated stairs, which significantly shortened the time of construction works and increased the quality of their execution, while minimizing costs.
  • Miasteczko U-City Residence developed for the Acciona Group – the complex consists of six multi-family residential buildings forming a coherent, friendly estate, located in Warsaw’s Ursus district. Aesthetic multi-storey buildings with an underground garage were made with the use of prefabricated technology with the use of, among others, filigree ceilings and prefabricated balconies, staircases and small architecture.