The investment in Swedish Olofström, which has been successfully implemented by us since March this year, is gaining media coverage. Successful Open Day was another reason for Swedish websites and newspapers to mention our invest’s construction of the tallest buildings in the Blekinge region, implemented by the international General Contractor F.B.I. TASBUD.

The complex of residential buildings created for the public investor of the city of Olofströmhaus AB (Holjebäck housing estate) will be an architectural, urban dominant – the buildings are the most distinctive and tallest buildings in the area. Such advantages of the investment were noticed by the media invited for the Open Day, which actively photographed and recorded our activities at the construction site during the meeting and interviewed the invited guests and future residents, also of the building intended for 65+ seniors.

The media, like future residents of the facilities, are watching the investment with interest, waiting for the effects of the work of the International Group F.B.I. TASBUD with only Polish capital, including daughter’s company of Swedish law TASBUD SVERIGE AB. During the meeting, the Swedish media was very attentive to the innovative prefabricated technologies and high-quality construction works we used, as well as maintaining order and work safety in the area. The editors were also impressed that despite high time pressure, we are able to finish each of the construction stages in a timely manner, maintaining a high pace of our work.

– We are pleased to look at the next publications that reach us. This is a great distinction and certainly crowning the work of the entire team responsible for the operation of our group in Scandinavia. It should be emphasized here that the distinction of our work in the city of Olofström is the successful Open Day, which was a significant event in the Blekinge region, noticed and appreciated by the Swedish media. I am glad that next to such important guests as leading media, representatives of the investor and local authorities, representatives of Polish diplomacy and governmental organizations supporting Polish business on the international arena also appeared at the event. This confirms that as a large General Contractor we are increasingly connected with the Scandinavian market, and thus, our activities in this country are becoming increasingly important. It drives us to work and it is certainly not the last time when the news in the Swedish media is loud about us – said Dr. Eng. Andrzej Czapczuk, Vice President of the Management Board and General Director of the F.B.I. TASBUD and the President of the Management Board of the Swedish company TASBUD SVERIGE AB.

Positive media coverage after the event was greater than we expected. The media applauded the investment favorably, putting emphasis on this part of the housing estate, in which, among others there is the building for seniors 65+, which will connect the older community of Olofström. The articles highlighted the positive opinions of future residents who have signed an agreement with the investor or plan to do so, following a local vision on Open Day.

Excerpts from the publication below:

“Blekinge Läns Tidning” (

The highest houses attracted those interested

Magnus Lindahl, project manager on the ongoing construction of houses in Holjebäck, believes that the sunrise will be beautiful from the top floors of new houses in Olofström. Magnus stands on the roof of the house for people 65+, and in the background you can see a regular house for rent.

The highest residential buildings in Olofström aroused great interest. Many wanted to look at the ongoing construction in Holjebäck. Some of them are to move in there.

Linda Blomqvist from Olofströmshus, was keeping order in the group that was to see the new apartments. So far, 26 apartments out of 54 available are rented, although Linda hopes to see more landlords.


They saw future apartments – the tallest house in Olofström. “The best place in Olofström” – heard among those interested.

– It will be great to move into the apartment and leave work in the garden – says Gunni-Ann Berggren, who was the first to sign a purchase contract for one of the apartments.

Holjebäck is to be completed on June 30, and guests will move into their apartments on August 1, 2020. – After this, a shared building will be built. Those living there are to be involved in planning and shaping the building and the surrounding greenery, ”says Magnus Lindahl.

“It was interesting to see, they did more than I thought,” says Gunni-Ann Berggren.