The Saffransgatan Gårdsten investment is a high-level project carried out by our Swedish company TASBUD SVERIGE AB in order to Framtiden Byggutveckling AB, part of the Framtiden Group – the largest Swedish public utility company responsible for the housing stock of the city of Gothenburg, owned by the city of Gothenburg.

The construction site in Gothenburg is a multi-storey passive residential complex close to green spaces and the center of the Gårdsten district. The buildings will have the higher standard with a brick façade. Modern apartments will have glass balconies and loggias. Saffransgatan Gårdsten in Gothenburg is also part of the large project “Vision Gårdsten 2025”, which includes the construction of 1,000 new homes over the next few years.

Read more about our project in the latest edition of Svensk Byggtidning, the most widely read construction magazine in Sweden, and in a shortened version on the publisher website available at the link: