June 17, 2020, representatives of the F.B.I. TASBUD S.A. met with the Management Board of the Olofströmshus AB. Meeting was also joined by the representative of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, Sebastian Magiera, director of the facility in Stockholm.

The aim of the meeting was to officially handover one of the first buildings built by our company for the Olofströms residential. This building complex is the biggest and innovative investment in the Blekinge region. All buildings are distinctive and also the tallest among the whole regions infrastructure.

The handover protocol’s ceremony went efficiently and happened to fell on the time of ”Midsommar” – Swedish Midsummer’s Day, which in a way is similar to Polish ”Kupala Night”.

Celebration of the F.B.I. TASBUDs S.A. success in Sweden was followed by the treat of swedish traditional food. Menu consisted of herrings, swedish meatballs (”köttbullar”) and strawberries with cream – Blekinge’s famous dish. Guests could also try polish traditional dumplings and ”bigos”.

Midsummer’s Day, in Poland also known as ”Wianki” is celebrated in Sweden as hugely as Christmas. Even though ”Midsummer” means middle of summer, this term refers to it’s beginning.

F.B.I. TASBUD S.A. will soon handover the whole building complex to the investor.
The investment was ordered as a result of a public tender, commissioned by a municipal company. Olofström area is known for the second largest Volvo factory in Sweden.