The Republic of Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Poland to the Kingdom of Sweden invited F.B.I. TASBUD to participate in the construction industry business mission held in Stockholm on the 30th – 31st of August. Mrs. Iwona Woicka-Żuławska, PhD, head of the Department of Economic Cooperation of the MFA, participated as president of the delegation.

In course of the mission, our company was represented by Mr. Andrzej Czapczuk, PhD Eng. – Vice President of F.B.I. TASBUD, who also represented the Polish Cluster of Construction Exporters as its Vice President, Mr. Rafał Świstak – Legal and International Director and attorney at the Polish Cluster of Construction Exporters, as well as Mr. Wojciech Styliński, engineer responsible for the Company’s construction projects in Scandinavia.

The participants of the mission had chance to explore – through a number of meetings and presentations – the key conditions and requirements of the Swedish market related to Polish construction firms. Perspectives and long-term needs of the Swedish market with particular attention to housing demand were also discussed. A study visit to Royal Seaport, a housing investment of impressive scale and dimensions carried out on reclaimed harbor and industrial areas, also took place, allowing the participants to acquire knowledge related to quality norms expected by the Swedish housing sector.

We are certain that participation to this unprecedented venture, meticulously organized by the fully dedicated Embassy of Poland team led by His Excellency Ambassador Wiesław Tarka, has laid solid foundations for further cooperation between Swedish customers and Polish construction firms.