We support social development in the areas where the Group operates. We want to be perceived not only as a global Capital Group, but also as an organization that cares for the local community. We create jobs, give young people a chance, inspiring them to act.

Acting actively in Mazovia, where our pro-ecological factory of modules and prefabricated elements in reinforced concrete and concrete technology is located, we have established a long-term and multi-stage cooperation with the Płońsk poviat. The Memorandum on cooperation, signed together with the Płońsk Starosty Board, is an investment in the development of the region and the community.

We support vocational education by organizing internships in construction faculties and creating patron classes. We have established permanent cooperation with industry secondary and technical schools in Płońsk.

Periodically, we organize extremely popular “case studies” that allow university students and students of technical faculties to experience real problems at construction sites. We also take part in job fairs dedicated to future engineers. We invite all young people who want to connect their future with the construction industry to our program „Build your future with us”.

We also cooperate with universities and make a substantive contribution to the planning of education programs in construction faculties. Members of the Board of F.B.I. TASBUD S.A. – President of the Management Board Bogdan S. Czapczuk and Vice President of the Management Board, Dr Eng. Andrzej M. Czapczuk – are members of the Dean’s Advisory Team of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology. F.B.I. TASBUD International Group is also a member of the Program Council of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences of the Białystok University of Technology. We actively influence the improvement of student education programs, and at the same time create an outline of the future construction market in Poland.