Polish companies associate in order to boost export of construction industry.

Over five thousand employees, including almost one thousand who work every day in many countries around the world – that shows potential of 16 companies which create Polish Cluster of Construction Exporters. On Wednesday 2 December 2015, Grand Inauguration

of this association took place in Warsaw. It is unprecedented, bottom-up initiative of Polish businessman who aim to build and deepen cooperation between Polish construction companies operating on export markets and want to cause internationalization of Polish construction industry.

Over 50 representatives of construction companies with Polish capital are united for one target: to increase export of our construction services. This is the key to further development of their companies and all the construction industry. Polish Cluster of Construction Exporters  will be their first and fully professional platform, due to which Polish companies with great potential will be able to present their abilities abroad together, creating real competition for foreign companies operating on international markets.

  • Today in Poland last large infrastructure projects, boom in housing sector, public buildings arise: schools, sports facilities, hospitals and cultural institutions. Nevertheless this situation will not last long – in a few years construction companies will have difficulty in obtaining new contracts. Reduction of production will take place and it is very likely that mass layoff as well. – said to the audience Mr Jan Mikołuszko, originator of  the Polish Cluster of Construction Exporters – That is why we should think what we will do in the next few years using the benefits from current boom?

He argued that future of the companies with Polish capital may be the export of construction services, which today is virtually no. Export comprises only a little over 3 per cent of the sale value of construction sector.

  • Potential of Polish construction industry is huge. We have an excellent team of engineers, we have advanced technically and technologically supply base and very developed know-how.  – added Mr Thomas Szuba, The President of the Management Board of TINES Capital Group SA, Chairman of  the Exporters Board of PCOCE (Polish Cluster of Construction Exporters). – Initiative for Cooperation for Intensification of Export is essential for taking advantage of potential of Polish companies. Creating common, comprehensive offer is needed on foreign markets. Our Cluster is that initiative that may become the driving force of export of Polish construction services.

On the other hand, Mr Andrzej Czapczuk PhD, DSc, The Vice-President of the Management Board of F.B.I. TASBUD Joint-Stock Company, The Vice-President of the Management Board of PCOCE, argued that instead of competing on international markets, companies with Polish capital should start to cooperate. – The benefits of participation in the cluster include access to network of partners, effective transfer of technology and knowledge, enriching the offer thanks to connection of member’s potentials, attracting new people, institutions, companies,

optimization of operating costs and finally – a potentially new, interesting contacts – said Mr Andrzej Czapczuk. Mutual, sincere trust and the pursuit of common goal will bring us and Poland many benefits.

The idea of establishing of Polish Cluster of Construction Exporters is response to the challenges of modern world, polish economy, strong position of companies with foreign capital on the polish and international markets as well as challenges of next stage of economic development in Poland. Cluster means commonwealth. It should be remembered that one enterprise is able to success in limitedly way. Real power lies in commonwealth. – argued Mr Andrzej Czapczuk PhD, DSc.

Polish Cluster of Construction Exporters include 16 companies from various sectors of construction industry and many regions of Poland. There are companies that build cubature buildings and housing estates. There are also companies that build infrastructure investments such as railway, work in specialist sectors such as shoring or specialist steel constructions. Finally, there are companies which work in order to relocate huge factories, not only from city to city, but also from one country to the other. Other companies specialize in sanitary, electric, teletechnic facilities.

This diversity is the value of our cluster – stated Presidents of the Management Boards and declared far-reaching cooperation. – Thanks to this diversity we can create comprehensive offers for foreign investors. Together we can build the world.
Polish Cluster of Construction Exporters is an association, to which companies still can joined. However, under some conditions: company must render services in construction industry, it should have aspirations and strategy to become international company, it should be ready in human resources and capital manner to success worldwide.

  • We are at the beginning of the road. Our goals are very ambitious. Realization of our targets is possible if we proceed quickly to work together. – summarized the inauguration of PCOCE Mr Jan Mikołuszko.

Program Congress of PCOCE will take place in the first quarter of 2016. During this Program Congress, the principles of cooperation, directions of development and Cluster’s expansion markets will be established.

During the Grand Inauguration, President of the Management Board of F.B.I. TASBUD Joint-Stock Company Mr Bogdan Seweryn Czapczuk was awarded the certificate of Polish Cluster of Construction Exporters membership for F.B.I. TASBUD Joint-Stock Company. He was asked to show F.B.I. TASBUD Joint-Stock Company activity. As General Contractor the company realize investments concerning construction, expansion and modernization of housing estates, offices, public buildings, industry buildings, military buildings, specialist objects associated with environmental engineering, power engineering and communication infrastructure.

F.B.I. TASBUD Joint-Stock Company was engaged in infrastructure investments in Libya concerning modernization of factories – cement factory and construction of housing estates.

The website of the Cluster is already active: www.pcoce.com

Members of PCOCE (alphabetically)

Dorbud S.A. – Kielce

Elektrotim S.A. – Wroclaw

F.B. I. Tasbud S.A. – Warsaw

Instal Białystok S.A. – Białystok

JPcontracting.pl sp. z o.o. – Warsaw

Palisander Sp. z o.o. – Białystok

PBG SA –Wysogotowo near Poznan

Pol – Inowex Sp. z o.o. S.K.A. – Lublin

SEEN Holding Sp. z o.o. – Warsaw

SN Strukton Sp. z o.o. – Sopot

TERMIKA Sp. z o.o.  – Gdansk

TINES Capital Group S.A. – Cracow

Torpol S.A. – Poznan

UNIBEP S.A. – Bielsk Podlaski