Last Saturday, December 4, F.B.I. TASBUD International Group sponsored a unique Burmese boxing gala. “Lethwei Fighting Gala” at the famous Fight Club Fanga in Warsaw’s Wola district. The competitors fought six fierce world-class duels, each for 3 rounds lasting 2 minutes. There were strong duels, full of emotions and cheering audience, the players presented their high skills and showed a tough character and great preparation for a full-contact confrontation. There was also a large audience that supported the players.

Burmese boxing also called Lethwei or Lethwae comes from Burma (now Myanmar). In many respects it is similar to related disciplines from the neighboring Southeast Asia region, and most of all to Thai boxing, but Lathwei allows for head blows, hence it is considered to be more extreme. This sport has a very long tradition, was used by the Burmese army, and its armed variety was perfect for various types of wars with neighboring countries.

F.B.I. International Group for many years has been involved in activities for the benefit of Polish sport and support for athletes. We undertook numerous activities focused on the promotion of martial arts sports, for example being a sponsor of our country’s national team in full contact karate (Karate Kyokushin). Combat sports, in addition to building physical strength, also affect the personality and spiritual development of players and their strength of character, as evidenced by our Vice President, Dr. Eng. Andrzej M Czapczuk, a long-time competitor and representative of Poland, multiple European and Polish champion in the open full contact karate (Karate Kyokushin) category, and today an international judge. The Group also supports sportsmen suffering from diabetes, such as Katarzyna Wtorkowska-Łuba, a representative of Poland in judo. Our Group is also a long-term sponsor of the Polish National Team, e.g. in full contact Karate (Karate Kyokushin).

“As a global capital group with Polish roots, an important activity for us is to support the domestic sport. In martial arts, we see great potential among our competitors, as evidenced by the very successful Lethwei Fighting Gala, showing the high level and potential of competitors. It should be emphasized the charisma and full professionalism of the Main Organizer of the World Champion Maciej Skupiński, who is not only a great fighter himself but also an excellent trainer, he has produced many talents in martial arts. I know something about it because we have known each other for many years. Great organization of Maciej’s competitions. As you can see, Martial Arts are sports with a rich history, teaching perseverance and building character. ” – summarized the Vice President of the Management Board of the F.B.I. TASBUD dr inż. Andrzej M. Czapczuk.