We return to the European Business Forum event, where the F.B.I. TASBUD received two awards!

Guaranteeing the highest quality of reinforced concrete and concrete modules and prefabricated elements produced in the pro-ecological factory is a priority for our Group. With many years of experience in the field of prefabrication and innovative solutions for the construction industry, we are extremely pleased with the distinction of innovative photocatalytic prefabricated elements. They were awarded with the Golden Emblem of the Highest Quality International 2021 Program!

Highest Quality Quality International activates companies and institutions around the idea of quality management. As a company that has special achievements in this area, we have also been awarded a special award – the Pearl of QI.

It is noteworthy that the Chapter of the Quality International Competition has appreciated our Group for the third time. We continue to implement the highest quality standards both in the production of prefabricated elements and on our construction sites as a general contractor.