Capital Group F.B.I. TASBUD with exclusively Polish capital with an international spectrum of activity has become a member of a thriving association of business entities operating in Sweden.

Cooperation between the International Capital Group (which includes, among others, the Swedish company TASBUD SVERIGE AB) and the POLKRONA association is based on supporting business solutions and reaching the largest group of investors on the Scandinavian market. POLKRONA will support the activities of our International Affairs Division in Scandinavia, complementing each other and exchanging experiences.

– The decision to cooperate with the POLKRONA association was dictated primarily by the dynamic development of our Group F.B.I TASBUD in Scandinavia. Swedish legal and accounting practices are totally difrent from our Polish ones –  this is why we want to make decisions wisely and thoughtfully on that market, and thus be able to exchange experiences with other members of the association. As a member of POLKRONA, we feel thoroughly prepared for further dynamic development in this part of Europe – said Łukasz Szydłowski, Economic Director at the F.B.I. TASBUD, Board Member of TASBUD SVERIGE AB.

Currently, it happens that Polish entrepreneurs struggle with a lack of sufficient knowledge, which often results from a language barrier, but also a lack of access to information – thus, such enterprises become less competitive, and thus exposed to high financial penalties. And here we see the main scope of our activity as an association – i.e. fighting market barriers. We currently run an information channel on our website and on social media in Polish, we organize information seminars at which we try to introduce entrepreneurs to the local system of financial and tax regulations, while helping them develop companies. We have the support of the best local financial specialists, economists, but also marketing agencies. An additional advantage of such seminars is undoubtedly the possibility of meeting representatives of various industries in one place and mutual exchange of experience. Entering the Swedish market of a large Polish player which is the Capital Group F.B.I TASBUD, gives a great opportunity to gain a stable position as a General Contractor in this difficult market. It is also a chance for the development of other Polish companies working with the Group as subcontractors. It is a great honor for our association to join F.B.I. TASBUD to our structures, and this will certainly have a positive meaning not only for us – but also for the other members of the association – said Małgorzata Wiśniewska, President of the POLKRONA association.