The protection of our planet and sustainable development are extremely important for the F.B.I. TASBUD International Group. We apply high standards of works and the best quality materials to ensure that the facilities which we build serve users for many years. Our projects always offer passive solutions and solutions that reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Innovative solutions in construction are our priority, which we follow while operating in many global markets. Taking care of the natural environment, we have developed the Scientific and Research Division and the Prefabrication Division, whose cooperation ensures the creation of better and more environmentally friendly products. We implement modern prefabricated elements to the construction industry, produced in our new factory, forming a system of integrated energy-saving construction made of prefabricated reinforced concrete load-bearing elements.

The technologies we develop in the field of modern prefabricated construction have won numerous awards, such as Quality International 2019 Highest Quality Product – Innovative joint of prefabricated elements, Quality International 2020 Highest Quality Product – Integrated energy-saving construction system made of prefabricated reinforced concrete load-bearing walls, Quality International 2021 Highest Quality Product – Innovative photocatalytic prefabricated elements, as well as the Top Builder 2021 – Certificate for the pro-ecological module and prefabricated factory in Michałówek in the Załuski commune and many other outstanding awards.

The prefabrication technology reduces the construction time and guarantees full control over the entire process, increases the quality of the investment, and at the same time reduces the consumption of raw materials. This technology is therefore highly environmentally friendly. Prefabricated modules and elements have very good thermal insulation properties, they are also used in passive and energy-saving construction. Prefabricated construction significantly influences reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, as well as increases recycling levels and reduces steel or concrete waste.

We operate intensively on the Scandinavian markets, where ecological, sustainable and passive construction is a respected and controlled standard. Capital Group F.B.I. TASBUD works perfectly in this type of projects and is appreciated by Scandinavian Investors and rated higher than domestic companies., transfering good practices from Sweden or other countries of Northern Europe to new markets. The prefabrication technology used in Scandinavia – comprehensive and very developed – is successfully implemented by our Group on various levels also in Poland, which is helpful in creating the EU Green Deal.

F.B.I. TASBUD International Group for the environment:

  • use of modern prefabricated solutions,
  • more efficient use of resources – reducing the consumption of raw materials,
  • shortening the construction time and full control of its process,
  • reduction of the amount of waste and pollution, protection against environmental degradation and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions,
  • investments in environmentally friendly technologies,
  • sustainable construction
  • supporting industrial innovation,
  • improving the health of buildings – minimizing the potential of buildings harmful to health,
  • making buildings more energy efficient,
  • membership of the National Association for the Support of Sustainable Construction,
  • minimization of pollutants emitted to the environment – significant reduction of the natural load caused by buildings and their complexes,
  • cooperation with outstanding research units – implementation of innovative, environmentally friendly construction systems,
  • avoidance of environmentally harmful materials,
  • efficient use of renewable energy, water and other raw materials during the construction and operation of the building,
  • cooperation with foreign organizations and membership of the Polish Cluster of Construction Exporters – deepening cooperation on foreign markets and spreading the idea of ecological construction in the world.