The President of the Board of F.B.I. TASBUD A JOINT-STOCK COMPANY, Mr Bogdan Seweryn Czapczuk
was chosen the Employer of the Year, 2014 in group of the medium-sized enterprises of the construction industry.
Prize was awarded for innovative and efficient company management and performing services regarding building and modernizing objects as General Contractor.
Jury noted that company hires qualified engineers, has modern machine resources, uses building materials of the highest quality. It means that realization of investment is very professional. We put special emphasis on executing labour law, which leads to high level of labor productivity.
F.B.I. TASBUD A JOINT-STOCK COMPANY cooperates with Warsaw University of Technology and other polish universities. Due to this cooperation, our company is up-to-date with new technological achievements and innovative engineering solutions.
F.B.I. TASBUD A JOINT-STOCK COMPANY is connected with tradition and social responsibility. Volunteering and acting pro bono is a part of our work. Working for society and country is a honour.
During a grand Gala of the Polish Association of Construction Industry Employers, Employer of the Year, 2014, in the Construction Industry ’ contest was awarded on 15 October 2015 at the Jan Paweł II Collection Museum in the Porczyński Gallery in Warsaw.