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Correcting glasses at work

The health and safety regulations quite precisely define what requirements concerning health and safety at work should be met by the employer. When [...]

23 May 2022|

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Shareholders Register of F.B.I. TASBUD S.A. is runnig by Dom Maklerski Banku Ochrony Środowiska S.A. in Warsaw.

Supervisory Board:

  • Prof. Dr Eng. Stanisław Biedugnis – an outstanding and recognized scientist of the world rank. A graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology. He is the author of several dozen books, several hundred individual and team publications. As a result of research in the field of modeling, he developed, inter alia, information systems (computer aided design and analysis of various systems). For his scientific work, he has been awarded with many prizes and decorations of state rank, incl. Honorary Badge “For merits for the construction industry” awarded by the Minister of Infrastructure and Construction. Academic teacher at the Warsaw University of Technology and the Main School of Fire Service.
  • Prof. Dr Eng. Bogusław Pacek – Retired Major General of the Polish Army, graduate of the University of Gdańsk. Awarded by the Polish President: the Order of the Military Cross, the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta, the Gold and Silver Cross of Merit and by the President of France: the National Order of Merit. He was the Rector – the commandant of the National Defense University, an academic lecturer, associated with, inter alia, with the Jan Kochanowski University and the Jagiellonian University. Founder of the Foundation – Institute for Security and International Development SDirect24. He is the author of 12 books and over 200 scientific articles in the field of security.
  • Dr Eng. Jacek Dawidowicz – graduate of the Białystok University of Technology. For many years he has been working at the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Białystok University of Technology. He is interested in the issues of using computational intelligence in the design and operation of water supply and sewage systems, especially in the field of expert systems and artificial neural networks. He is the author of many highly scored and cited individual and team publications.

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