Helping the needy is inscribed in the DNA of our Capital Group. For years, we have been supporting others, improving their lives and adding a smile, especially at Christmas time. This year, as part of a wafer meeting with all employees of the International F.B.I. TASBUD, we decorated the previously prepared gingerbread, which, together with gifts, were given to sick children of the Bielański Hospital.

Taking advantage of the company Christmas Eve meeting, all employees of the F.B.I. TASBUD were personally involved in this action. Our Christmas meeting has therefore become an ideal opportunity to decorate gingerbread, which, together with toys, we gave to sick children, who will spend this year’s Christmas at the Clinical Ward of Pediatrics of the Bielański Hospital in Warsaw.

– We know how sad was received information that for Christmas time children are forced to stay in a hospital bed. To sweeten this unpleasant time of treatments, we organized a CSR action in which our employees disguised as Santa’s helpers visited the sick rooms and gave children Christmas gifts and gingerbread decorated by us. We want to give them a smile on their faces, extinguished by numerous diseases, including chronic diseases – said Magda Strzykalska, marketing and PR specialist at F.B.I. TASBUD S.A., coordinating this year’s campaign.

The gingerbreads have been decorated with due care, attention to detail and hygiene. During the decorating, the creative spirit of the artist was born among the employees – colorful icings, decorating markers, chocolate decorations and sugar pearls started to move. Decorated gingerbread in the shape of stars, snowflakes, snowmen, angels, Christmas trees and houses – as a natural choice of the profile of our company, they came to children to sweeten their Christmas time.

During the Christmas meeting in the hospital, the children enjoyed the presence of Santa’s TASBUD helpers, thanking them for gifts and sweets. Gingerbreads were also handed over to head of Pediatric Ward and nurses who care about making every day better and more joyful for children. Some of them also went to the nearby Primary School.

– We gladly agreed to this action, because we not only believe that good returns, but we also have sentiment to the Bielański Hospital. We have significantly expanded the building and rebuilt existing buildings to increase the area and functionality, including newborn pathology ward, which is one of the best departments in Poland. We have also modernized and rebuilt, among others departments such as internal medicine, gastroenterology and internal department. It was a particularly demanding time for us, because during the works the hospital constantly provided health services for patients. Today, becoming the organizer of such a colorful campaign, we believe that we will be remembered as a partner of the Hospital who returns again to help. We are also happy that thanks to us and selected “Santa’s helpers” the children for a moment forgot about pain and illness. Happiness in the eyes of sick children will be called the F.B.I. TASBUD in the belief that if it is only possible, we need help and we will always help, because it is inscribed in the mission of our Group – said Dr. Eng. Andrzej Czapczuk.