Our company has been conducting various charity campaigns for the most needy for many years. This year, in cooperation with Szlachetna Paczka (Noble Gift), as part of a nationwide social project, we supported a family living in Bemowo, Warsaw. As a help, we changed the windows, painted the walls and made sure that during Christmas and the New Year 2020 it was not only warmer, but also cozy. The windows we replaced were donated by PLASTIMET, a producer of PVC window frames and aluminum joinery, as part of our long-term cooperation with our company, while joining our social assistance program.

The family, to whom help was directed, has for many years struggled with the problem of window leaks, which affect not only the reduced temperature in the rooms, but also the presence of moisture, which destroys both the walls of the apartment, as well as movable, wordrobes etc. Our family (an elderly woman living with her chronically ill daughter and her two young children) unfortunately had no financial possibilities to improve their life. One of our employees, meeting this family in person, made Christmas and New Year certainly warmer and more joyful for them.

– When I found out about how one family lives and how outdated and damaged windows in the living room they have, I thought that being an employee of the General Contractor with over 35 years of construction experience, I need to help this family! I presented the difficult situation of the family to the Management Board of our company, which immediately commissioned the action, delegated the staff to perform the task and transferred the necessary funds so that we could complete our mission. I am very happy that we could provide support so quickly, because despite adversity it is a wonderful family, full of love and joy. Also, due to the coming frosts, we are ready to help and take action so that the family living on Sucharskiego Street would live as well as possible – said Anna Łęgiewicz, Director of the Guarantee Department at F.B.I. TASBUD S.A., originator of the action.

The action with the participation of the well-known manufacturer of window joinery company Plastimet, which provided high-quality windows with proprietary PVC profile system, was carried out in early December. After the initial stage of window dimensioning and selection, in the next step employees of F.B.I. TASBUD performed construction works – joinery assembly, filling, leveling and installation of external window sills. In January, we also took care of renewing the entire living room through repair work and painting it in a light color so that the room acquires a cozy character.

After completing the task, there were tears of emotion and a smile of gratitude. Ms Katarzyna Mikulko, a volunteer of the Noble Gift (Szlachetna Paczka), who presented our company with a diploma of a recognized donor, summarized our campaign:

– Thank you, Group F.B.I. TASBUD for supporting our family which have been struggling with financial and health problems for years. We are grateful that this Christmas and the coming year, they can feel family warmth, especially since in recent years life has not been kind to them. Four living women (including one suffering from brain cancer) had to function in extremely difficult living conditions with minimum pension. We are glad that the family living at Sucharski came across you. The diploma of recognition given confirms your big heart. Thank you.

These are the moments that confirm that whenever possible, we need help to others. There is nothing more valuable than the happiness of people and their appreciation. Our Group will definitely organize and participate in this type of assistance and support actions for the needy.