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Recruitment Process

The recruitment process depends on the position. It is hard to set a blue-collar worker three levels of recruitment as he will get bored at the second one. The first step is always a preliminary selection done by a qualified recruiter.

While looking for mid-level personnel, after selecting the candidates there are usually two more levels of recruitment: the first one is an interview with the recruiter who has selected particular candidates whereas the second one is an interview with the director of a particular department who finally decides to employ the candidate or not.

In case of higher-level personnel the final word goes to the Management also taking part in the recruitment process.Sometimes, in order to make the period of looking for an appropriate candidate shorter more than one person takes part in the interview for example the recruiter and the director what makes a three level recruitment a two level one. It all depends on the time we have to find a new employee, the position and the number of recruitment processes carried out simultaneously.

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