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F.B.I. TASBUD a Joint-Stock Company combines tradition and modernity

The history of F.B.I. TASBUD starts in the year 1985 when the president, Bogdan Seweryn Czapczuk, started an investment and construction activity in the Mazowsze region. After over a decade thanks to the growing number of investors and their demands the company was transformed and got a new name: F.B.I. TASBUD Czapczuk Teresa – it was in the year 1994. For that whole time the company has been developing and implementing more and more complicated construction projects. The next two decades were also very productive. F.B.I. TASBUD was meeting clients' demands and, what is the most important aspect, implementing services at the highest level. Thanks to that in the year 2014 another process of tansformation started – thist time to a join stock company as it was believed to be the best way of managing such specialized and professional company. The process was completed in the year 2015 and from then the company's name is F.B.I. TASBUD a Joint-Stock Company.

Nowadays the main profile of F.B.I. TASBUD a Joint-Stock Company  is general contracting of capacity investments in Poland. Many years of experience, excellent technical facilities and qualified personnel enable achieving success together. To prove this theory we can exemplify contracting capacity investments from many different sectors: housing, industrial buildings, public and specialistic buildings. Our company is also known on Eastern, Asian and African markets which are, due to their potential, an essential element of F.B.I. TASBUD a Joint-Stock Company strategy oriented on diversification of purchase directions. The company is successively developing the sector of export contracting, which main part consists of great Polish experts who have knowledge and experience in foreign trade. They are also familiar with local conditions. As an example of this potential we can exemplify our participation in investments in Libya concerning a modernisation of cement factories. Realisation of those ventures enabled to introduce in F.B.I. TASBUD a Joint-Stock Company professional methods of process management. Thanks to that each  step of the building process is under special control, investment and executive supervision enabling to maintain the quality policy on the highest level.

The main strength of the company are its employees – some of them are with the company since its begining  30 years ago. F.B.I. TASBUD a Joint-Stock Company personnel consists of Polish experts of different specializations. Their experience, enthusiasm and diligence enable to carry out tasks effectively and precisely, remaining flexibility to frequently changing investors' demands at the same time.

F.B.I. TASBUD a Joint-Stock Company aiming at perfection cooperates actively, under the chairmanship of dr inż. (doctorate in engineering) Andrzej Czapczuk – vice – president of F.B.I. TASBUD a Joint-Stock Company, with Warsaw University of Technology and other technology universities over the country, executing prestigious and innovative projects with exceptional professors and prominent scientists thanks to what the F.B.I. TASBUD a Joint-Stock Company company introduces and uses the newest technological devices and innovative engineering solutions.

F.B.I. TASBUD S.A. Balaton 20 Street, 01-981 Warsaw Reception: phone:  +48 22 834 26 47, phone/fax:  +48 22 865 53 00 e-mail: biuro@fbitasbud.pl REALISATION: ACTIVEDESIGN
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